Hickman Analytics, Inc. SERVICES Focus groups provide an opportunity to explore a wide range of subjects in an informal setting.  They are  comprised of about ten participants, last approximately two hours, and may be viewed through a one-way  mirror by the research team.  Participants respond both to the moderator as well as to each other, and this  group interaction stimulates more ideas and insights.  Focus groups are an ideal way to understand people’s  awareness and opinions.  Through discussion and follow-up probing, we can discover not only what opinions  people hold, but also the underlying reasons or factors why they hold those opinions.  Often people have  similar opinions but they are based on very different beliefs and reasons.  Understanding why individuals  think or feel the way they do is essential in effectively communicating with your constituency. In-depth interviews are one-on-one qualitative interviews that are designed to yield focused, detailed  research among hard-to-reach segments of the population.  The relatively unstructured format allows the  interviewer both the freedom to ask relevant follow-up questions and to explore the issue in a deeper manner not possible via other interviewing methods. Opinion leaders are better understood when spoken to outside  the framework of a close-ended telephone interview or in a group setting.  Their ability to express, on their  own terms, their thoughts on a given subject, is enhanced in an IDI. QUANTITATIVE QUALITATIVE Honest Accurate Insight 2 Wisconsin Circle Suite 520 Chevy Chase, MD  20815 Phone:  301.951.5200 Fax:  301.951.7040