Hickman Analytics, Inc. INSIGHTS The purpose of strategic research is to identify the messages that draw the most compelling contrasts  between the candidates and to target the voters who will provide the margin of victory.  Our research options are designed to provide the potential campaign team with unbiased and actionable results to guide the  development and implementation of effective campaign strategies.    More specifically, our research will achieve the following objectives: Determine the feelings of voters regarding the direction in which local areas as well as the nation are  headed, as well as the issues that are most salient to your specific campaign. This information will give  you a full understanding of the context in which it will be operating. Discover current attitudes toward you and elected officials in the state and the nation—focusing on  potential (or declared) opponents. Investigate how voters respond to alternative words and phrases on critical issues. Measure the current standing of the candidates in a head-to-head format to gain a baseline your  campaign can use to measure progress. Explore issues that might be a determining variable in voter decision-making. Create a profile of target voters based on age, gender, region and other demographic categories. Identify messages that resonate with our target groups, and pinpoint the most effective communications strategies with which to reach these groups. We do not believe in “cookie-cutter” campaigns.  We strongly believe that campaigns – and the research we  provide – should tailor to the individual circumstances of the race at hand.  We do not recommend campaigns for the sake of how they look in a presentation.  The campaigns we devise are designed to win – according to  how our clients define “winning.” Honest Accurate Insight 2 Wisconsin Circle Suite 520 Chevy Chase, MD  20815 Phone:  301.951.5200 Fax:  301.951.7040