Hickman Analytics, Inc. ASSETS No one stays as involved in campaigns as we do.  We have reputations for dependability and close contact  with campaigns throughout the race -- beginning, middle, and end.  In addition to conducting opinion  research, we use our experience to aid in other parts of campaigns.  This includes providing electoral  targeting information, aiding in the preparation for major speeches and debates, working with the other  consultants to develop and implement communications strategies, providing assistance with fundraising  appeals, and dealing with the management of the inevitable crises that occur in every campaign.  We will be  involved in every aspect of the campaign where our experience and strategic advice can be helpful. Our role for different candidates varies depending upon the needs of the campaign.  While our prime role is to conduct polls, we work in tandem with the candidates, the campaign staff, and other consultants on all phases of the campaign.  Our participation in numerous major campaigns provides us with the experience to help in  all aspects of formulating and implementing a successful campaign strategy. Unlike many other pollsters who have twenty or more clients in each election year, we limit ourselves to a  small number of highly competitive races each cycle, ensuring that all of our clients receive the maximum  attention they need from us.  In 2008, many other firms worked for a Presidential campaign and a number of other major races.  We did not think that approach was fair to our clients.  We concentrated on a Presidential campaign, the Missouri Attorney General, and two races for the DSCC that no one thought Democrats could  win:  North Carolina and Alaska.  Your race will be a priority for us. EXPERIENCE SKILLS EXPERTISE HISTORY INVOLVEMENT Honest Accurate Insight 2 Wisconsin Circle Suite 520 Chevy Chase, MD  20815 Phone:  301.951.5200 Fax:  301.951.7040